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I Wish I Never Met Her at All

It was the eyes. No, it was the circumstance. Nah, it was those damn eyes. That’s all I heard about until I met you. They told me the new girl was pretty, but they all spoke of her were her eyes. So when we were finally introduced, all I could do is stare into those green eyes. Yeah, I was caught up in your eyes as well, but pretty soon became totally consumed by you, until you dropped the bomb on me and told me that you were damn near married with a kid. I stepped off, all interest left my body, and every thought of you left my mind.

But it’s funny what time and space does to a man, each time I saw you that interest meter climbed a little and the flirting started, a little on my end, a lot on yours. More from me, those eyes from you and then the texting started. Turns out your happily ever after had become a daily disaster and I represented an escape for a few moments a day to clear your mind. Yeah, we flirted despite the danger and got closer in spite of the restrictions, but thought we were playing it cool. Everyone around us could see what was going to happen even though we denied there was anything between us, I guess they saw the truth between the lies we told ourselves, because a trip to the movies and a few shots of vodka led to us rolling around on the floor naked.

Damn, maybe I skipped a few months…

I was a cheater, turns out that you were too and your man wasn’t handling his business at home, nor in your bedroom, so you sought me for counsel. He had already moved out and you moved on, while my girlfriend held on and I just played it loose. Being six inches from your eyes after six shots of vodka made me wonder what your lips would feel like against mine, so I tested them and tasted you. Your daily disasters became my news feed and I became more than your escape, I started to appear to be your destination. But, someone had planted their flag for me already and you had baggage that I wasn’t equipped to deal live with, but that didn’t stop Friday afternoons from being the perfect opportunities to catch matinees, have drinks or see each other naked.

Those eyes…

They told me then that you wanted more and would get it by any means, but calling to tell me you were pregnant two weeks later wasn’t what I anticipated, just wasn’t what I expected you to say two days after Christmas. Before my mind could even journey to the natural thoughts of a man when he receives this call, you had volunteered an abortion and I didn’t object, just continued with my day. So, I took a few step back from your eyes, maybe because I thought they lied to me or maybe because I felt you wanted more than I would ever give you. However, we were back at our favorite seats in the theater, back on those bar stools, you were back in my bed, I was back in your life and we were back at square one. Except it was different this time, I was single, you were single, but you wanted it all. Nah, I wasn’t trying to give anyone that much of me, but we kept flirting with that danger. We pushed and pulled, bumped and grind, butted heads until you drew your line in the sand after another pregnancy scare.

Turns out that you were looking to be loved all of the time, that you wanted to be married, you wanted more kids. I suppose that wasn’t high on our list of topics during our coversations or I simply ignored your overtures. Because you found love in Jamaica and gave me an opportunity to tell you that I loved you and wanted you to be mine, but I didn’t. Wait, I did. I wanted you, I didn’t want you as a mother and attached to your baby father, I wanted what we had all of the time, so I had no problem telling you to follow what made you happy. Turns out what made you happy one last time was frolicking through my apartment hours before the flight that carried you to your waiting husband.

And now you’re his misses with a son that has no resemblance to me at all, regardless of what people thought and a time frame that certainly fit. I don’t think about you much anymore, but when I hear from you, the thoughts of your eyes reappear and I wish I never met you at all…


2 responses to “I Wish I Never Met Her at All

  1. Ms ByePoleHer ⋅

    So well-written! I could see her eyes and feel that temptation! Awesome! Can’t wait for more!

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