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So Far To Go: 10 Tips On How To Keep Your Boo

Get your notepads ladies...


Speaking from a man’s perspective, there’s nothing worse than going into the grocery store and seeing a bunch of Women’s magazines with ideas, tips, or secrets on how to keep a man, especially when the author is some chick that probably hasn’t had a date since the beginning of the recession. As far as this “love thing” goes, I consider myself an expert in amore. It is one of the most fulfilling experiences your soul will ever produce and many of us will fall victim to a myriad of emotions that has nothing to do with love’s essence.

Many of my close friends happen to be women and by relating to their flaws and beauty gives me a clearer understanding of their dynamics. I was raised by my mother and surrounded by aunts,cousins,daughters,and an array of lovers. Some of these women that I love so deeply, are repeating the same cycle and expecting different results. The desire to control the geographical landscape of a relationship; have left many women mentally and emotionally exhausted. Many women love men they can control and hate him when he cannot lead.

I am eager to hear your feedback and encourage you to share this blog post with your friends and co-workers. I expect some of my views and opinions to be dissected and contested from women that are searching for answers in their love lives. I’m also considering writing a book and hope that these tips are met with an open mind. *Smooches* ~Krusher


Tip #1 Stop the Nagging: I cannot express this tip enough, if you keep nagging a brother you will definitely run him to the streets and into the arms of a woman who doesn’t.

Tip#2Compliment Him: Many men will never tell you that he likes compliments just as much as you do. Don’t be surprised if he looks at you real suspect the moment you tell him that his ass should model.

Tip#3Listen and Shut the Hell Up: Hate to be blunt but its true, most men will shut down if he feel that he cannot trust you with his thoughts and feelings. Some brothers will rather spend half his check in a sweaty strip club and pay a half-naked woman who is willing to listen and get paid  doing it.

Tip#4Stop bringing up the past: There’s nothing worse than being married or in a long-term relationship for almost a decade and some change and she decides to stab you with the chest with an indiscretion from the 20th century. If you tend to gravitate to this form of mediocrity than be prepared for a love meltdown eventually.

Tip#5Encourage him: If a brother is trying to find a job to keep himself from hugging the block and going back to prison; the last thing he needs is for you to be selfish and ignore his plight. Being a black man is the world’s most dangerous occupation in the world.

Tip#6Pray Together: In a time of economic despair and spiritual unrest, prayer is the answer to life’s day to day challenges. Revealing this virtue to your man is a priceless in his eyes and heart. Remember “a family that prays together stays together”.

Tip #7Be Adventurous: Don’t get all angry because your man has that secret stash of porn in the closet in the old Nike boxes. Yes, men are visual creatures and you cannot change how God wired us. Do us a favor and change your swag, be spontaneous. Men don’t care where you take his dick out, so be creative.

Tip #8Forgive Him: You might think by holding a grudge you are making him pay and in fact you are allowing him to feel even worse about his grievance and in the future he will stick to lying instead of being honest like you often ask him for.

Tip #9Give Him Space: If a brother comes home from work and the first thing he does is head to the fridge to grab a beer that doesn’t mean that anything is wrong. If he likes to unwind while watching the game what harm is he causing? Why should you be the only one that requires space? If he has a man cave, leave him there.

Tip #10Don’t Worry, Be Happy: Have you ever wondered why some men are attracted to younger women? No it isn’t always about their bodies all of the time ladies. We love their easy-going personalities and enthusiasm. Combine that with a dash of smiles and giggles you can best believe that he is going to find her attractive. So lose the attitude before you lose your boo.

Bonus Tips:

  • Never divulge your sexual details to friends. I can’t express this one enough, due to the fact that you women absolutely enjoy challenges. I know the juicy tidbits from your bestie has your clit throbbing for her thug, however would you feel the same way if the tables were turned?
  • Keep family out of your business. Unless it involves domestic,sexual, and mental abuse. If you decide to remain loyal to a man who commits these atrocities, you are already dead. Family will always remains biased and loyal to your emotions at the moment of despair.

Te Amo Mucho!

Krusher Kronkite 

The Love Czar


3 responses to “So Far To Go: 10 Tips On How To Keep Your Boo

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  2. paunice savage ⋅

    Very true!.Especially:
    Knowing when to #shutUP!..
    Keepn the past in the past…
    No nagging
    Being Happy!

  3. msbyepoleher ⋅

    For me a lot of that comes naturally, I wish more of my sisters could say the same thing. I’ve found myself giving the same advice to some who just can’t figure it out and just don’t have a clue. Pieces like this are needed and missing right now. Most are telling us what’s wrong with us, blah blah blah. Very few pieces of this type are actually from a man’s point of view and attempting explain why or where this comes from. Keep up the good work and I look forward to reading more pieces from this POV and with some explanations that offer clarity.


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