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The choices that you have made in your life have caused me to view things in more logical ways than how I viewed them before. I cannot control any aspect of your life unless you allow me that opportunity to do so. Instead of fighting with you verbally about the best interests of what your life are, I have decided to lift weight off of both of our shoulders. No more arguments concerning the choices that you decide to make for your life. No more emotional disagreements of selfishness and selflessness. No more telling you how you should live your life! From here on out, I support you! I support the decisions that you feel will positively impact your life. I also support the decisions that you know will slow down your life’s progress, because those are the obstacles that will prove themselves to be nothing more than life lessons that you will be able to obtain knowledge from in your future.

I confess, I am a growing man who is in Love with a growing woman, who is also clear about his intentions of wanting her to be a part of his life to a degree in which could prove to be beneficial in an equal manner for her sake, as well as for his. However, due to the progressions of time, circumstances of events have proven themselves to be challenging. I am battling for the Love of a woman who is clinched onto another who she still holds dear; who she feels is worthy of her Love. As much as I would want to spend my time and energy getting you to realize that I am the ‘better man’ for you, I am growing restless.  I have given my all to you over and over again, but somehow due to your emotions being occupied, I am not being compensated equally with the Love and affection that I have provided for you. This may present itself in some form of egoism, if so, I am ready and willing to take all of the blame. Know that as long as God allows me to breath in and out, I will exhaust all of my options in showing you just how much I truly Love you.

 At this point, if my words haven’t had any influence on your emotions, I would rather you not even acknowledge my affections for you. Although, if what I have given you has provoked your feelings for me in any way, I am truly grateful to God. I am not asking for a relationship to be set up between us in the ‘nick of time’, I am simply asking for you to just consider my Love for you. If a relationship reveals itself to us as result of the patience of time, then we shall engage ourselves within its graciousness. I would Love to be the one who compliments your life! However, with that, an equal effort would have to be given. You would have to be willing to participate in a loyal and faithful manner, so that our pledge to one another can be one that others will be able to admire and emulate.


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  1. Monex

    Realizing that we are all vulnerable to this all we can do is be prepared when that time comes. You can have the gift of old age but still in the end you cannot reach that time when all your children and loved one will grow old too. Basically it is an assurance that if something bad happens to you rest assured your family can continue to live their lives.

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