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In Time You Won’t Remember Me…

In time you won’t remember me, I’ll be an afterthought, a what’s his name, the guy you used to be with. I won’t even be the sorry muthafucka who did you wrong anymore. I’ll be a figment of your imagination, a déjà vu when you go to our favorite restaurant or watch a movie we loved. I won’t be the guy who stole so many moments out of your life and exchanged them for pain. I won’t be who I’ve come to be in your eyes anymore. My face won’t register; my name won’t ring a bell. You’ll forget the lies, you’ll get past the hurt, you’ll move out of that apartment I rented for you in hell.

Those tears will dry, your strength will return. You’ll forget the nights you screamed in ecstasy, you’ll forget the nights you screamed in anger. All of those lonely nights will seem a lifetime away, as you live your life today. And those scattered pictures I found of the smiles we left behind showing the way we were on those six days we were in love will be ripped, burned or discarded. As are the memories of the days we made love and the nights I left you brokenhearted. Your womb will heal, your heart will mend and in time you won’t remember me, but I won’t forget you…


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