Love…..In Spectrums

It seems as if I have bad timing :: When it comes to Love :: Finally :: I’ve found someone :: Who would fit like a glove :: But circumstances :: Were naturally mismanaged :: Leaving probable prospects stranded :: It took a long time for me to :: Commit to being ready :: My hands were finally steady :: No hesitation Befuddled word placement :: Sweat running down the face I was ready :: But time wasn’t :: I’ve been Observing :: Rewording :: Searching :: And learning :: The language of Love :: Just so that :: When it’s my turn I would somewhat understand :: All of the above I thought I was :: Interested between distances :: Clamorous silence offsets listening :: So close :: Yet so far It was like sending signals :: Into the oblivion :: So hard to pay attention :: Extra!!!!! Extra!!!!! Read all about it :: At last The word is out :: And they’re really about it :: But timing :: They’re without it :: No where near soon :: So close to too late :: On paths to the same goal :: Two routes on a one way